Audacious Ink’s Prediction for the Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Set List

Yesterday I posted on why I thought Bruce Springsteen was not only a great rock star, but a great marketeer. I left a number of things out, like the fact that he is on Facebook and Myspace, and that inside the LP of “Working on a Dream,” you get a free MP3 download, and seriously, I can’t keep up with his press. Britney Spears would love this press. I would love this press.

I also forgot to mention that the fans do a lot of the work for him. There are numerous Springsteen sites. He doesn’t have just brand advocates, he has brand disciples, the best kind of brand fan. They are constantly blogging about him, posting comments on forums, keeping this aging rock star relevant—not that he doesn’t do that himself with his songs.

Those brand fans are all over the Internet tonight buzzing about their predictions for his much talked-about set tomorrow. What will the set list be? The NY Times is predicting Glory Days, Born in the USA and Born to Run.

I disagree, slightly. Bruce is a marketeer, don’t forget, and a damn good one, so he will promote the new CD. Therefore, here is the Audacious Ink prediction for the 43rd Super Bowl Set List featuring Bruce Springsteen:

1. “My LUcky Day”
2. “Born in the USA”
3 “Born to Run”

Why? “My Lucky Day ” is the strongest, catchiest song on the new CD. “Born in the USA” is his huge hit that everyone knows (alternative prediction to this song is “Dancing in the Dark”) and if he does not play “Born to Run” die-hard fans will riot.

That said, “Bruuuuuuuce!”

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