Clickjacking in the Cyber World

I live in LA. It’s bad enough that I have to worry about my little Mini Cooper getting car-jacked. I now have to worry about my virtual self getting clickjacked. Yesterday, hackers clickjacked Tweeters on Twitter. I’ve waited a long time to write a line that sounds that ridiculous.

The craziest aspect of this story is, however, that the hackers sent out a tweet that said, “Don’t Click.” Pretty much all of Twitdom clicked. Or is it Twittdom? I’m new to Twitter so I haven’t figured quite a bit out, but, I am wondering if I send out an email to my prospects that says, “don’t hire me,” can I get a nutty amount of business? “I know you said don’t hire you, but call me crazy, I want to hire you. . ..”

Life is wonderful and people are mysterious. The clickjacking problem is fixed. For now . . .

One response to “Clickjacking in the Cyber World

  1. Thank god I didn’t tweet yesterday. I say send those “opposite” emails around. Crazy plays, you know…

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