More on the Rock Star Marketer

Some readers have sent me personal emails, suggesting, begging, “Donna, no more on Bruce Springsteen. Please. What’s Bon Jovi doing? Give him a shot.” Or, “What’s with the posts on Bruce?” someone asked. “You really wanna write about aging rock stars and marketing?” I know you all meant well. I know I should listen to you. However . . .

A friend who is a brilliant producer (and an innate marketer) sent me this, which once again proves to me why Bruce Springsteen is much more than a rocker, he’s a marketer.

Bruce decided to write a “journal” of his Super Bowl experience, and I love it. He’s engaging his fans, making them a part of the experience, creating a landscape and inviting us in, all the while doing it with copy that holds our interest. Wait a second . . . isn’t that what we are all trying to do in our jobs?

Notice lower down in the post, Bruce writes about his job as a rocker, but with a few tweaks of words, he could be describing our jobs: “The power, potential and volume of your present-ness is a basic rock and roll [marketing/writing] promise. It’s the essential element that holds the attention of your audience, that gives force, shape and authority to the evening’s events [ad/press release/article, etc]. And however you get there on any given night, that’s the road you take. “IS THERE ANYBODY ALIVE IN HERE?!”…there better be.” Okay, I didn’t need to add that last sentence, I just liked it, and as a Bruce fan, we all love that whole, “Is there anybody alive out there,” line (here he changes it up to suit the Super Bowl.)

I am told that other rockers have embraced this journal idea, so what Bruce has done here is not new, but again, many of us do the same thing. We take something old, and if we are good at our jobs, we put a fresh twist on it with a unique perspective. Certainly good copywriters do that.

So, is anybody alive out there? Is your copy alive? Your message? Is your audience engaged? If not, here’s my advice for today. Go buy a Bruce album, but not the acoustic ones. They are kinda depressing. Bruce doesn’t always take his own advice, just like the rest of us mere mortal marketers.

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