Movers, but Not Movers and Shakers

All I wanted to do was find a mover.

I went online a few days ago. I Googled, “Movers, Los Angeles.” I pursued a few sites, then decided to fill out a blank form that read, “Get a Free Quote.” I didn’t read it carefully, I’ll admit. I thought I was going to one particular mover. What I was doing, however, was filling out a form so numerous movers could bid on my move. There was a section at the end. It read, “How do you want to be contacted?” I selected the “Email only” field.

I hit send.

Thirty seconds later, the phone rang. I have Caller ID and could see that it was a moving company. I was, of course, annoyed that they were calling after I clearly stated that I wanted to be contacted via email. I let the machine answer. Another thirty seconds later, the phone rang. A different mover was calling. The same thing happened a minute later, and the next minute later and so on. For two hours the calls came in.

They were all the same price. They all said in their voice-mails, “We are running a special . . .” the special, just happened to be the same special.

One mover emailed me rather than called. One mover.

Guess which mover I am going with?

I finally answered the phone when it rang for the eleventh time with another call from a mover.

“I’ve already decided to go with someone else,” I said.

“What made you decide on them,” he asked.

I told him. “He listened to me. I said, ’emails only.’ He emailed. You and everyone else called.'”

I know they were just trying to be aggressive and hunt down some business, but that can backfire, in fact, most of the time it backfires. Yet salespeople never learn the lesson. Listen to your customer. If they ask you for a specific request that is a reasonable one, grant it. Do the opposite and you may lose the business.

It’s so simple.

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