Bad Pitches and Other Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon

Ad Age just posted this, a little tidbit on really bad pitches we communicators make. While I’ve never made these particular mistakes, I think we can all feel empathy for our well-meaning comrades who just somehow get it wrong. There’s also a link in the article on web 2.0 etiquette. Hey, isn’t it netiquette? I’m kinda tired of hearing the mish-mash of words that crop up in the modern world, like “netiquette.” It’s “manners,” how about we all agree on that. The word is “manners.”

Back to the point of bad pitches, I think the lesson to learn here is that before you hit that “send” button, take a moment to reread what you’ve written and step outside your shoes. Get some perspective. If something is funny or amusing or clever to you, then ask yourself, “does it translate? “It’s a simple, old trick, but one we forget. In fact, right after I hit “publish” on this post, I’m sure I may have similar thoughts. . . .

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