And that’s how I roll

Among the many bookmark folders I have on my Mac, there are two in particular that get a lot of use. One is for Twitter. This is where I put how-to’s on how to use Twitter effectively, the other is for Ad Age, or as it looks in its URL, ADAGE—I just delight in that double entendre of Ad Age and ADAGE. I know. Geek.

I mention this because there are volumes and volumes of material out there created daily with apps and widgets on improving you Twitting or informative pieces to help you gain followers. By the way, I’m @donnajolly on Twitter.

I started a Twitter account a couple of months ago, but didn’t get into it till about 3 weeks ago. Some days, it is like my Crack, which is a good thing. Other days, it is like my crack, and I need to get the monkey off my back.

So my Twitter folder is filling up. I could probably write a book compiled with all that information, then become some Twitter superstar. Of course, the line is already long on that claim. As for well, there are just so many informative articles I want to reread, whether it is latest news in the world of advertising, or studies relating to social media or even case studies. I could waste my entire life just reading And I just may do that.

Point is, if there is a point to this, that it makes me a better marketer. Of course, I’m way too busy reading all this stuff to put my knowledge to practice. Hmm. I wonder if I should create a bookmark folder called Procrastination.

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