When (Marketing) Worlds Collide

Conclave 2009I am a big fan of the American Gem Society, a consumer watchdog in the jewelry industry. Every year at their annual Conclave, they put on a great meeting of the minds for the creme de la creme of the industry and, among other things, they discuss the best practices in marketing. In previous years, they have had keynote speakers like Malcolm Gladwell, for example. This year, I am just beside myself with the news of their keynote speaker. I shake as I write this: it will be Seth Godin. Yes. Seth Godin, the Purple Cow marketing god. And, I fell out of my chair when I read this one: Hearts on Fire is sponsoring his keynote. Hearts on Fire, in case you do not know who they are, is led fearlessly, and I do mean fearlessly, by Glenn Rothman, another great marketing god who is especially revered in the jewelry industry, and who is a member of the American Gem Society. Confession time: I have been fortunate enough in my career to work with both the American Gem Society and Glenn. He was a mentor to me, and I consider that association to be my MBA in marketing.

The news regarding Hearts on Fire sponsoring Godin should come as no surprise to me. Great marketing minds think alike and these two men are quite audacious in their marketing and thinking.

Congrats, American Gem Society! Hearts on Fire is not just a great sponsor, they are marketing saints, helping spread the word of GODin!

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