Marketing: the dumped wife?

Google is laying off two hundred workers. Mainly in sales and marketing. Once again, I have to say it. What are they thinking? 

Whenever I hear that some corporation has laid off its marketing and sales department, I think about the story I hear time and time again, about some guy whose wife put him through law school, or medical school or business school, only to graduate, get a great job then promptly dump her for a young pretty thing.  Marketers are the dumped wife.  Granted, I’m biased, as I think marketers walk on sunbeams and smell of magnolias.

I especially feel bad for the sales teams out there. People are not spending, and most sales people, no matter how good they are, are fighting a useless (for the next xxx months) battle. Now, more than ever, companies need to get creative, they need to rally the brand advocates, build armies of new ones, they need to stay front and center in their audiences mind. There are so many ways to do that, but who will run these campaigns? The receptionist? The mailroom clerk? The VP of IT? Sure,  you need a good product. Sure, you need great service. But who is going to know how fabulous your company is without sales and marketing? Who is going to know that you are the number one search engine unless a marketing person is there to promote it?

Granted, Google is no doubt outsourcing, but I hear stories daily now of companies not outsourcing, not doing any marketing or any sales. I have a saying, it’s all marketing, always. I have tried to show that through posts about rock stars who are really  marketers, or yesterday’s post on how a politician forgot that at the end of the day, he isn’t just a statesman, he is a brand. We are all a brand, our own brand, and a company needs its brand warriors and evangelists.  

Once the economy turns around, these companies have a lot of brand rebuilding to do. If that should be the case with your company, I have only one thing to say: call me!

Look, I’m a marketer, what did you expect me to say?

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