Confessions of a Twitter—and Bruce—Addict

Tonight is the first show of Bruce Springsteen’s 2009 tour. It kicks off in San Jose. Die-hard fan that I am, I had planned to fly up, but for business reasons, could not. So what have I done tonight instead? I go to and I type in Bruce Springsteen. Some marvelous guy in San Jose has his mobile phone with him and is tweeting from the show. “Bruce kicks off the show with Badlands,” he Tweets. Instantly, I’m there. I’m standing in the pit, in the middle of all my sweaty Bruce-lovin’ pals. Our fists are shooting up in the air, we’re singing. “Badlands, you gotta live it everyday, let the broken hearts stand for the price you gotta pay. Keep pushing till it’s understood and these badlands start treating us good.” 

A moment later, my new best friend tweets, “#2 Outlaw Pete.” For the Twitter savvy, don’t confuse the pound sign as a hash-tag for a Twitter thread. It’s simply the second song. I’m following this guy and we are now at song number 16, which, by the way, is the beautiful “The Wrestler.” Thanks to this stranger, I am aware of every song Bruce is playing. I have seen Twitpics from the show. Because of this wonderful stranger, I am living vicariously, I am at the show. Long live Twitter. Long may the Boss rock.

2 responses to “Confessions of a Twitter—and Bruce—Addict

  1. I was the stranger tweeting the setlist. For me this was an experiment too and it worked, since I got feedback from you and others, which encouraged me to keep tweeting the song titles and pics.

    What surprised me that I got immediate feedback when I got it wrong.

    For instance I didn’t know the song title of the 9th song and fumbled on the number:

    manfredz: Bruce Springsteen San Jose 8 ? 9 Good Eye

    and within minutes somebody send me the correction:

    @manfredz 8 – Johnny 99, 9 – Ghost of Tom Joad, 10 – Good Eye

    I was then able to tweet the correction immediately

  2. Sweaty Bruce Loving Pals?

    Seriously, didn’t Bruce Fans stop sweating about 20 years ago when they were all 60-70 years old?

    Oh, ‘cept for you, of course. 🙂

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