The Power Is In the Laughter

A number of fellow Tweeters on Twitter posted this article today about the best examples and practices by companies using social media. What strikes me about the article is that companies actually are using social media and using it in smart, innovative ways.

Lately I’ve noticed a backlash that loves to poke fun at SM, with Twitter taking the brunt of it. Jay Leno was having a good time gently mocking Ellen DeGeneres for using Twitter. CNN likes to report on the phenomena, suggesting it is a fad–it’s a fad that will no doubt evolve, the question is how? Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have all been the butt of jokes on SNL (as has most cultural and newsworthy subjects) and even on Facebook, a Facebook friend of mine openly assaulted Twitter, saying essentially, “Why bother?” The comments added to his post all supported his feelings, with one guy even suggesting that Twitter “commit suicide.” It’s Twitter, you moron, not that much different from Facebook, especially when it comes to leaving updates about your life.

This all means one thing, of course. Social Media is more powerful than even its advocates imagined. Twitter seems to be leading the pack at the moment, but the article on Social Media standouts shows that companies have adopted the medium and are using it in innovative ways to increase brand and make that brand more of an experience for their customers. It’s hard to make fun of that.

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