Ashton Kutcher is a Twit

Competing with the news of Somalian Pirates scourging the high seas, Ashton Kutcher achieved what no one else ever has: he became the world’s most popular Twit. That’s right. He became the first person to get 1 million followers on Twitter this week, beating out CNN. What does this say? The world is more interested in celebrity than news? Maybe to you, but to me it means that once again good marketing prevails.

Think about it, Kutcher beat CNN on not only great word of mouth, but with good-looking packaging. Throw in his Power-Twitting better-half, Demi Moore, and there was no way that Wolf Blitzer or Larry King stood even a tweet of a chance. Anderson Cooper has nice packaging, but does it rival the Kutcher brand? Evidently not.

“We have shown the world that the new wave is here,” Kutcher said of the milestone. “It is present and it is ready to explode. You guys are all of it because I can’t follow me.”

Before Kutcher, CNN was the top Twit. Kutcher, however, did what any good CMO would do: he went on a publicity blitz and rallied the Twitterati, waging PR war and bringing himself, Twitter, and even CNN massive attention. Such was the power of this blitz that a backlash swept Twitter: the popular #followfriday, where Tweeters get their followers to follow people they like, became #unfollowfriday: unfollow anyone who follows Ashton Kutcher (or any celebrity for that matter). It didn’t work, but the mark of a truly explosive brand is a band of naysayers who are turned off by overexposure.

Kutcher, spoken like a true markateer, said that Twitter is “removing filters between celebrities and fans, big media companies and their customers.”

If the thought of one million followers following Kutcher bothers you, consider this: Britney Spears is about to pass her one million mark, too. Oops, she did it . . . oh never mind.

Next up, the Big O. Oprah Winfrey gained 130,000 followers in under 24 hours. For the record, I have less than 300 and have been on Twitter for nearly four months. I’m good with that. Just call me a “twit,” little “t.”

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