Those Pesky Time-Consuming Minutes

Time is passing you by

Time is passing you by

I just read a blog by someone I really admire. This person, who I will not identify as I like to think of myself as a lady (though those who know me might laugh) was ruminating over Twitter and complained, “I spend minutes a day there.” You need context here. This person meant that Twitter took minutes a day for him to review, precious minutes. It was written in the way someone complaining of a long commute might say, “I spend hours a day on the 405.”

I love the Internet. I complain like mad when I am not connected quickly to a site. When Twitter or Facebook load slowly, I often close out and walk away from the computer, or move on to another site. If it takes seconds to load, as in multiple seconds, I am out of there. Which makes me think, “Oh. My. God. I’ve become one of those people.” You know the kind of people I am talking about. They cut you off on the freeway, they jump ahead of you in line, saying, “I just have a quick question.” They don’t have time to apologize for being rude. They don’t have time, any time, not a second to spare, ever. When we complain that we spend minutes a day on Twiiter, you know the rules have changed. The truth is, we really don’t have time. Every day, I look at my to-do list and  there are items left unscratched. They get pushed to the next day, which pushes other items down a day. My dog goes unhugged, my dry-cleaning lies in a heap on the closet floor, my diet is never started, my trainer wonders why I say, “but I really don’t have time to work-out,” and my friends make comments like, “I haven’t seen you since Christmas.”

You may think I am now going to give you a solution to our chronic lack of time. You may think that I am going to lecture on the importance of making time. No, that is not going to happen. I don’t have time to do that. All I can say is we live in a world where time matters more than ever. If you have something to say, something to sell, or something to promote, get in, get it done, and get out. Times up.

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