Celebrate Julia Child’s Birthday August 15, and Win a Classic

green cover mastering the artAudacious Ink just loves a good contest, and Champagne Taste is providing a real page turner, literally. They are giving away a copy of Julia Child’s masterpiece, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” in celebration of her birthday.

Check out their blog for details. NOTE: the deadline is August 13, so time is running out—I just discovered this contest myself. Champagne Taste is also asking participants to cook a recipe from one of Julia’s books and post about it on the site. It’s a great example of smart marketing, as contestants are encouraged to do more than just fill in their name on a form, but actually be part of something. It makes for a more memorable experience, and help builds customer (or in this case, reader) loyalty. By the way, this isn’t a “best recipe wins” type of contest. The winner is picked at random. Making one of Julia’s recipes is merely encouraged, out of a passion for fine food and fine cooking.

If you haven’t read the Audacious Ink post on “Julie and Julia” yet, check it out.

Okay, Audacious readers, good luck!

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