U2 360 Tour and the Concept of Big

U2-01_Getty_350942sSometimes bigger is not better. Sometimes bigger is just fat Elvis wearing a rhinestone jumpsuit. Today, in the early afternoon, I have to pack up a picnic basket, pack up the car and squeeze in with my U2-loving boyfriend and some friends, and go to Pasadena where, along with 96,000 other people, we have to navigate massive traffic, crowds, and wait it all out in some park because Pasadena is not meant to handle this many people, and some eight hours later, finally see U2 perform in a big spaceship-like stage.

If I sound skeptical, it’s just that I am not in love with their big stage. It’s an odd quirk on my part, I know. It’s U2, I should just be happy to have seats to this sold out extravaganza. I’m a fan of the paired down. For example, Apple has proved with their “Mac” and “PC” guys that a paired down ad campaign is great.

I have every belief that tonight’s performance will be one big WOW. I just like my rock and roll simple: a band, their equipment, some decent lighting and the music. What happens after that is usually magic. I think that the power and quality of their music is enough to draw people in and make the show a great one.

Tonight’s show will be broadcast, for the first time, live on You Tube. What does this mean, besides the fact that anyone with access to a computer and the Internet worldwide, can watch the same show I am, minus the hassles of traffic and a big commitment time-wise? It’s a fine convergence of social media and rock-n-roll. The finest, perhaps. Kudos to U2 for making the plunge. I just hope we can all see the band through the massive pillars of the spaceship-stage.

Big band. Big crowd. Big spaceship-like stage. Big coverage. WOW.

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