Name That Annoying Tune

Please remove the automatic song that comes on when we log onto your web site. It is not cool. It is not great marketing. It is annoying, and we do not want it.

The sound comes on and is usually jolting because our audio is already turned up from watching bad bootlegs of concerts on You Tube. It’s great that you have a company jingle. Use it for your on-hold messages on your phone, or even put a button on your website that reads, “Listen to our Song,” or “We’re Playing Sweet Music.” Be corny. I don’t care. I only care that I hate it when I go to your site and music start playing automatically. You are assuming I want to hear music. You are assuming I want to hear that music in particular.

For the record, the same goes for annoying videos that start automatically, with spokespersons saying (loudly) “HI!”

I have talked about this over the years with many people. Everyone says the same thing. “It’s annoying.”

It makes us not want to visit your site ever again. In fact, I personally will not. Now I ask you: did you put the music or pop-up video on your site to attract visitors or keep them away?

I thought so. Keep it simple, please.

One response to “Name That Annoying Tune

  1. I totally agree, there should be a law against it. It’s deeply annoying.

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