The Other Education

In terms of the digital age, this is an old story, but it seems like a good time to post it. It’s an op-ed piece in the New York Times by David Brooks, on our “other education,” the emotional education that we get from, in his specific case, music. As a writer, music has certainly played a role in my other education. So has other writers, though, We talk much of getting and being educated, but too often, we leave out the frosting on the cake, the topping that takes us to the next step: our emotional learning. It is what fuels our passion and can even inspire us to create and produce our work. David Brooks, like me, credits the foundation of his emotional education to Bruce Spingsteen. The story changes with the individual, though. For you it may be Bob Dylan, or John Lennon or, who knows, Lady Gaga (but if so, really?)

The holidays are, for many people, a time of reflection. This holiday, I’m reflecting on all those artists who helped shape and inform my other education. I’m looking forward to more lessons.

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