How Not To Be Annoying on Twitter, and How Twitter Can Annoy You

Recent Audacious Ink posts have focused on Facebook, so let’s show Twitter some attention for a change. Here’s a useful story from Open Forum on 5 Ways Not to Be Annoying On Twitter.

One of the points Open Forum makes is “Don’t Disappear.” They use the analogy of a gym membership. You join a gym, go for the first week in January, and then . . . crickets. Your thighs get larger and strangers start screaming at you on the street. Okay, the article doesn’t go into all that, but you get the idea. When you start promoting your company and brand on Twitter, keep it up. If you are consistent, you will build a following and if the content is engaging, people will respond.

I will confess though to being more of a fan of Facebook pages than Twitter. I think Twitter serves a purpose and is a good companion to a Fan Page (especially if you have your updates linked in to each other) but all-in-all, you get more quality interaction from Facebook. If you disagree and have some great examples of how you feel Twitter surpasses Facebook for old-fashion engagement and community building, let me know. I feel that the Twitter stream is too vast. If you have a few hundred followers, it only takes a few seconds for your Tweet to move in and out of the stream. Therefore, your message may be lost. Because people don’t usually amass as many connections on Facebook as they do Twitter (again, it’s more about quality than quantity) it is easier to see the updates.

Even if you are consistent with your tweets, you still may get missed, which means that to in order to build a presence, you need to be not only consistent, but frequent. Please, don’t start tweeting on the hour, but daily tweets are usually in order, and if you have the luxury of time and manpower, you may have to make that daily tweets a couple times a day. With Facebook you can relax a little. It usually takes 24 hours to get completely out of the newsfeed.

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