Best Site for Royalty-Free Stock Photos?

Shutterstock is the best site for royalty-free photographs, according to a poll done by Online Marketing Blog.

Personally, I find them a bit expensive for simple blogging or non-commercial presentations, but they are undeniably a great resource. Readers had some good suggestions for alternatives to Shutterstock, however, such as searching Flickr’s Creative Commons and either asking the photographer for permission or simply giving a link attributing the artist. Another great and creative idea is to create your own library of stock photos. Start snapping shots of signs, (“Stop,” “Exit” “No Exit,” etc.) and be your own Shutterstock. Beats paying fees and is far more creative, and fun.

One response to “Best Site for Royalty-Free Stock Photos?

  1. Donna —

    Check out It’s a Hungarian image site that has some pretty good stuff. They are affiliated with iStock, and do show a section of iStock goods, but they themselves are totally free.

    One caveat — The site is in Hungary and many of the photos of scenes are from Europe. Watch out for incongruities in signage and text and images of “typical” houses and streets.


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