Keeping Score of Your Social Media Success

I am fortunate to have kind clients. I’m not saying it’s always puppy dog kisses, but when they are happy, they let me know. When they are unhappy, I think they let me know, too. Notice I said, “Think.” I seriously doubt they tell me every single time they are unhappy, mainly because they probably weigh each situation and chose to let me know the big stuff.

If you are a marketer, and feel you are not getting the whole picture from your client or boss, seek it out, especially when it comes to social media. The whole social media arena is still a new marketing tool. We are the scientists beta testing the prototypes. Trial and error is sometimes the order of the day; and with that comes experimentation and tweaking. It’s like cleaning out your refrigerator: keep the good, throw out the bad.

If you are running a Twitter or Facebook fan page, create a spreadsheet with a calendar for each week. Write in your ideas for content. Then at the end of the week, go back and check how the content did after it was posted. Which post got the most interactions? Which was on-target for your market? The most original or unique? Did they add value to your community? Of course with that last question, you want to ask it before you even post it, but hindsight may show you that what you thought would add value, didn’t.

Social media is a forum for risk-taking. Don’t be crazy; use your judgement, but do experiment. It’s a way to let your creativity flourish, and show your company and brand in a different, more human light. As always, have some fun.

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