Hearts On Fire Launches Facebook Promotion to Celebrate Life’s Perfect Moments

Yesterday, one of my clients, Hearts On Fire, launched The Perfect Moment, a photo contest that will take place exclusively on Facebook. You might say I’m biased, and I am, but nonetheless, this is a very unique contest worth talking about. To be clear, the idea was not mine; file it under “Things I wish I had thought of,” along with a search engine named Google, an online auction named eBay and an online book + everything retailer named Amazon.

Hearts On Fire has long associated their brand with celebrating love and the emotion that diamonds symbolize. It’s fitting, then, that they would create a promotion that ties into that, be it a romantic moment, a night out with your friends, capturing your child in her own perfect moment, or if you are me, snapping endless photos of your Boston Terrier. As a marketer, I see it as a way to extend the brand and really connect with your community on a deeper level. As a lover of sparkling things, I wish I were eligible to enter. I’m not, but you are so please check it out. Here’s some excerpts from the release, with details on how to enter:

Any Facebook user can enter the contest simply by posting a photo that best captures one of life’s perfect moments. Users can share their entry and vote for their favorite photos today through June 20th. The winning entry will receive Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry valued at up to $10,000 retail.

“The Perfect Moment is about recognizing and appreciating the meaningful moments in life, both big and small”, said Caryl Capeci, Marketing VP at Hearts On Fire. “It can be the perfect golf swing, the perfect bucket of popcorn at a great movie or that perfect smile on your baby’s face”. Fans are asked to capture these special moments on their phone as they happen and share them with the Hearts On Fire Facebook community. “Encourage your Facebook friends to vote for your photo, and you could be wearing the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond”, says Capeci.

Enter the contest and find all details here.

Click here to learn more about Hearts On Fire. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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