Addicted to HootSuite

Hello. My name is “Audacious I” and I’m addicted to HootSuite.

This is your cue. You say, “Hello Audacious I.”

My God, is there a rehab for people like me? The last thought I had before I drifted off into dreamland last night was HootSuite. I then dreamed that an owl with a larger -than-usual head flew through the window and lifted me away to a giant HootSuite dashboard, where I managed all my client accounts with my feet, like the scene with Tom Hanks in “Big” at the FAO Schwartz. I have a problem, folks. I am in love with an app. It’s a disease.

HootSuite has made my life easier, and like most things designed to make your life easier, it has–in ways–taken up more time because I’m always on HootSuite. I feel like a deity with a little “g,” a god of social media management tools. At one glance, I can see who is mentioning my clients in Tweets, who has sent a direct message, who is tweeting what in the different category lists I’ve set up: Bridal, Luxury, Photographers, Trends, etc. It’s too wonderful. I can schedule Tweets and then walk away from my computer (but I never do). I can manage the previously hot mess of my massive Twitter stream.

I can even manage Facebook pages from the HootSuite Dashboard.

No, they are not paying me for this. It’s true love. It’s a true endorsement. Dare I ask this, if you find something you think is even better than HootSuite (and don’t say, “Getting a life”) let me know.

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