Lost Told Through Post-It Notes

I’m a big fan of “Lost,” as evidenced in my last post. I’m also a big fan of Post-It Notes. Seeing video blogger’s Alex Day’s explanation of “Lost” told via “Post-It Notes,” and with a cute British accent, has made my day–and, unfortunately, may be further evidence that I need a life. Nonetheless, here it is.

Not to spoil anything, but in the final church scene in “Lost,” the show’s creator’s explore the belief that you spend eternity with the people who shared the most important moments of your life. That’s a thought that can be as scary as it is compelling–and does it mean my dog Winston and I will be together for eternity? Hmmm.

And no, these last two posts have not had a single thing to do with the usual purpose of Audacious Ink, which is to discuss all things related to marketing–though I guess the moral of the story here is that if you tell a great story, people will probably blog about it.

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