Facebook Power Tip #1

I learn by doing, and more so I learn by writing down how I did it after learning. I noticed this in the first grade when we made paper mache angels. I later went home and with my oversized pencil, wrote in my diary, “Dear Diary. Today I learned how to make Paper Mache angels. It’s messy, so first thing, have some Windex handy.” I don’t know what I was planning on doing with that Windex. Was I going to use it on my hands? The rest is erased from my memory, but I like that even back then, a true brand warrior, I capitalized Windex, even if I didn’t put a registration mark next to it.

Social media moves at the speed of a spray pump (to stay with the Windex theme). Just as you learn one trick, another comes along that enhances the experience. To that end, clients always ask me this one question: how can my fan page post on another fan page?

For a long time, the answer was, “You can’t.” Then Facebook adopted the Twitter trait of using the @ symbol to tag friends and such. The thing is that to tag another fan page, the administrator must be a fan of that page first. So once that is done, go to your page (or your profile wall, whatever the purpose of your post is) and begin typing your message, then as you are mentioning the fan page, type the @ symbol, followed by the proper page name as it appears on the URL. Let’s use one of my favorite fan pages, “Blogness on the Edge of Town,” as an example. I would type, “If you love Bruce Springsteen, you should check out @blogness.” Blogness becomes a hyperlink that reads “Blogness.” There you have it. You’ve just tagged Blogness and posted something from your fan page to theirs. Now all your fans will automatically Like that page and I will be considered a social media genius—until my dog licks my face and wakes me up from my dream.

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