6 Effective Tips for Increasing Fan Page Interaction

Yes. I know. In my last blog post I said that this post would be on Social Proof. Well, I lied. I know. I’m awful. Life is full of disappointments, and this is just one of them. Truthfully, I had the best intentions, but I got busy with projects for my beloved clients and they take priority over my blog. (God I hope they are reading this.)

To make it up to you, I am sharing a great article written entirely by someone else. Wildfire, who does awesome apps and promotions for Facebook, has a great eNews letter and I want to share this story with you. They give some great advice on increasing your fan page interactions, and seriously, who doesn’t want that? Too often we get fixed on overall numbers, and while we are waiting to win the war of quantity, we are losing the battle of quality: quality interaction on your site. I love these easy-to-apply common-sense tips. My favorite is the first one: when you post an update, simply ask fans (or Likers, whatever your choice of word) if they “Like” what you just wrote in your status update, be it company news or product related. You are making it easy for them to respond, and you are requesting an action.

They also suggest going for questions that require a Yes or No answer. They are right in assuming that you will probably get more responses, but don’t make all your posts that way–that’s my word of caution. You do want to get some quality conversation going, so pepper your easy-to-answer posts with some questions that provoke thought, a longer conversation, and even a little controversy. It’s all about experimenting with what your fans like and keeping it lively, which often means providing variety in your status updates.

A caveat to the Yes or No answer: seek out other one-word responses. One of my clients posted an image of two diamonds, one round, the other square and asked, “Are you feeling Square or Round today?” It was a whimsical little question and the fans loved it. They got a great response rate with fans writing in their one-word choice. So you can still go for the one-word answer, and it doesn’t have to be a Yes or No one.

That social proof post is coming soon. I swear. I would never lie to you.

One response to “6 Effective Tips for Increasing Fan Page Interaction

  1. Maya Grinberg

    What a fun post! Thanks for covering the Wildfire blog post– the support of our friends and fans means a lot to us! And I totally dig the square or round question– I can see why that would get a lot of interaction.

    Maya Grinberg
    Community Manager, Wildfire

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