A Quick Note On BP’s PR From a small person.

Like most small people, I tend be of the popular mindset that BP has done a really terrible job with their PR (and everything else) on the oil leak catastrophe. They have come across, too often, as glib and slow in all their media responses, not to mention unprepared. I mean, couldn’t someone have prepped Carl-Henric Svanberg even a little?

My cajun grandma always told me to look for the good in people, especially “son-of-a-bitches.” Her words. Not mine. I never said Grandma was a saint. Anyway, I saw this earlier, and while I have not read it over carefully yet, wanted to share. I was hoping that they would do this very thing: a web page with updates and hopefully a (more) sincere message. Like most of you, I’m keeping a close eye on the BP activity. With all the backlash and intense heat against them, I’m constantly curious to see how they handle not only the management of the resolution and clean-up, but the PR as well. They are a text book case study on so many levels.

That’s it for now. Small person signing off.

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