Mad Men Yourself

I love Mad Men, Mashable and JibJab, and not necessarily in that order–though when I realized there was a Mad Men marathon on last night I plopped down on my couch and watched it till I woke up at 1:00am and saw Don Draper’s face staring at me from the TV, then slipped happily back to dream land. So, when I saw this article in Mashable just now, I nearly spit out my water, fell off my chair and screamed with joy. JibJab and Mad Men have teamed up to promote the July 25 season premier of the show. You can morph you and your friends’ faces onto your choice of Don, Joan, Roger and Betty.

The marketing angle here is that it is a brilliant way to promote the premier. JibJab fans are as rabid about the site as Mad Men fans are about the show. And when you have a fan of both, well, you have me. This is a fun, interactive and viral way to promote the best show on TV. I think it’s so brilliant I may explode.

Guess what I’ll be doing in my free time?

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