Sites I love

Not long ago, my dear cousin Linda sent me her mama’s recipe for gumbo. It’s a family recipe I grew up eating, and the only person who made better gumbo than my aunt Sissy (Linda’s mama) was my grandma, and that recipe is in heaven, where she and Sissy are now duel chefs at the Cajun restaurant for angels, saints and the like.

I was so happy to get the recipe that I wanted to save it in a place where I could share it for all to see. I could have put it on one of my social networking sites, but it would then be limited to just my connections. I wanted to be able to easily share it with anyone who might be in need of a traditional, good-old gumbo. My solution?

justpaste. it. No, that’s not a typo, and no, I’m not saying I dug up an old bottle of glue from a kitchen drawer. ” justpaste. it” is one of those amazing free sites, like, the URL shrinker. I can’t believe that these free tools exist for us all to use. When I’m depressed and fearing global catastrophic failure, I just think of these sites and, well, okay, I don’t feel better, but I do feel a small tingle of excitement, because I can’t believe sites like this exist!

The thing I love about is I can then bookmark the URL in Delicious, another “I can’t believe it exists” site that I can’t live without.

Oh, and in case you want Sissy’s recipe, here it is.

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