Silence is Golden on Your Website

I have said this before right here in this blog: do not greet people on your website with a person talking. It is not a great marketing strategy and it serves one purpose: it pisses off your visitors.

Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. Most of us have traveled to your website not wishing to share our business to anyone sitting in the room with us. Social networking may be social, but in general, when we surf the net, we want a level of privacy. Not that we are downloading porn or doing anything illicit. We just don’t want to be greeted with a blasting voice going, “HI!!!! WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE!!!!!”

Here’s what I do when it happens to me: I exit the website quickly and I never go back. Is that what you wanted? Then mission accomplished.

Loud noise should never come from dogs, children, women (or men) with high-pitched voices, or a website.

Turn off the noise.

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