How Google Alerts Saved My Life

Okay, Google Alerts hasn’t saved my life. I lied. Did I just want your attention? Oh who knows, it’s me. I always want attention. The other night the grocery store clerk carded me because I was buying wine. I got teary-eyed with joy. No, that has nothing to do with Google Alerts or me wanting attention. That had to do with me wanting to brag shamelessly.

Google Alerts: set them for your brand or your clients. Set them for key executives, your products, your competitors, even your blog. Use a variety of keywords to ensure that you get the alerts you need. It seems obvious, but I’m surprised at how many companies still fail to do this. I have an alert set for one particular client and recently, someone in a blog mentioned this client negatively. The client was able to respond, address the situation directly and turn it around; more so, they responded in a pro-active manner and ended up looking like the class act that they are.

Alerts don’t make bad publicity go away–but they help you to address possible issues before they explode and are still simply taking shape. On the up side, alerts give you material for your social media networks when you get a positive mention or glowing review. When my clients get nice placement in a blog or website, we often will post it. Yep. We brag. Did I mention that I got carded the other night?

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