Be Still My Heart(s): Hearts On Fire Launches E-Shopping

If you are like me, you would probably rather get root canal than fight the holiday traffic and manic shoppers. Thankfully, for people like us, there is online shopping. However, I like to know first-hand what I’m buying before it arrives in the mail–specifically, I want to know that I’m ordering something of great quality. When I heard that Hearts On Fire had just launched e-shopping, for the first time ever, I thought, “Thank you, Santa! Thank you.”

Hearts On Fire’s stunning diamond jewelry is now available for purchase at and select retailer websites. Within 24 hours, and free of delivery charges, you can shop for an assortment of their diamond pendants, earrings and bracelets. And when you do, remember your favorite blogger over at Audacious Ink. Baby needs a new pair of diamond earrings. And pendants. Okay, I could use a bracelet, too. Don’t go overboard, though, okay?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hearst On Fire on a variety of projects, and through different associations, over the years. They get the fierce kind of brand attention we all crave. A woman left a comment in a jewelry blog recently, saying that she loved her Hearts On Fire ring “because it sparkled across the room.” That’s the kind of stuff that you want people to say willingly about your brand. They are the kind of brand that doesn’t just have consumers, they have brand evangelists.

Ellen Malony, EVP at Hearts On Fire says that by selling Hearts On Fire jewelry designs online, it “allows our retail partners the opportunity to attract new web savvy consumers to the brand and provide added service and convenience to existing customers who may prefer to shop online.”

So shop in peace, and buy someone you love something sparkly for the holidays. Oh, and avoid manic shoppers–and root canal.

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