Quick Twitter Tips

I have a confession to make: My Klout is not that great. I’m talking my Twitter Klout, of course. What other kind of klout is there?

When your Twitter Klout is pansy, there is only one thing to do. Tweet. A lot. You gotta tweet and retweet and reply and engage. You know, all that stuff I tell my clients to do and that thing I preach in my seminars? Yeah. I’m a Twit Hypocrite, or as it’s probably called in the Twitterverse, a Twypocrite.

I’ve learned a thing or two trying to get my Klout up: there are a lot of people making some pretty basic mistakes. Naturally, l laugh at them, because I’m insecure about my Klout and that’s what insecure people, or tweeple, do. But as I get ready for increased Klout, I need to be a better person (or, you got it: Twerson). So I’m going to share some key Twitter tips that I’ve learned.

1. Don’t Give a #FollowFriday recommendation to someone you do not follow. I’m stunned at how often this happens. If you want us to follow a person, you should follow them yourself.
2. If someone is graciously retweeting your tweets and replying to your tweets, follow them. It’s polite.
3. Don’t hit “reply” and respond to a tweet from hours ago unless you add some sort of reference to what you are saying. The Twitter stream turns over quickly, so that old tweet may not be the most recent a person has. We do not know what you mean when you say “LOL” and our last tweet was, “My cat died.”
4. If you want to retweet a fascinating tweet, but need to edit it to fit the character limit, use Hootsuite to edit down the tweet. Don’t change the meaning, just give the bare bones as needed. If it’s a heavily retweeted tweet, which credits a bunch of people, like “@Tweeple1, @Tweeple2 and @Tweeple3, always keep the original person’s name who retweeted it and delete the others.
5. You can also shrink links in Hootsuite, something you can’t do in basic twitter. Shrink the link and get more Characters. No, this is not a metaphor.

Tweet on, Klout-climbers.

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