Facebook Gave Me a Headache Yesterday

Thank you, Facebook, for screwing around with the sanity of a simple social media marketer with a simple dream of connecting clients with their target market. I woke up yesterday morning, all fresh and dewey, and full of hope for a brand new week, when I realized that things were amiss on Facebook thanks to the new profile page. Newness breeds snafus, and we had a surplus.

For a brief time in the morning you could not upload a photo without having to click through to see the comment. Ohhhh, the conversations I had with clients, who were wondering if Facebook, going forward, was a good use of their resources, as this way of posting photos (of their products, you know) would not encourage much interaction or responses from fans. I could see my career slipping away, all because some 20something in Palo Alto had this idea about changing the look and feel of profile pages. They want to make it more about sharing with your friends. That’s great. Share with those of us who advertise on Facebook how these changes might affect us. It’s called Customer Service. See the brands that have pages on Facebook and do things like run contests (legally) and run ads are not just members. We’re clients. Phrase of the day: Customer Service.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a glitch with the uploader, and pretty soon, as soon as I got used to the new way of uploading photos and then adding the comment afterwards (as opposed to vice versa) all was well.

But it was a memorable morning. Mark Zuckerberg saw the interest on his wealth grow a bit more, the employees at Facebook got to feel all proud for being at the most “happening” company in the Bay Area, and I couldn’t shower till 1:00pm due to the fact that I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to explain Facebook’s changes to concerned clients, none who, by the way, wanted any sort of changes made to Facebook whatsoever.

The saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” was invented for a reason. Be still my swirling, turning world of Social Media. Be still. Let us bask in glow of finally getting the hang of the way things are, before you go and make a #$*! load of changes on us, and on a Monday morning at that.

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