The #1 Social Media Tool? Think Old School

In this interesting study, it looks like many companies are partying like it’s 1999, literally–at least when it comes to social media. Over 90% see message boards as their most important social media tool. Over 70%, though, are using Facebook, with Foursquare gaining ground. Twitter had a tweet-sized increase of only 1%.

The only real surprise to me was that message boards are still as popular as they are, though in retrospect, it really shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s where we go to ask questions, file complaints and seek answers to strange product issues.

Facebook, on the other hand, really remains as a mini-press release for many companies. It’s the perfect place to broadcast news, and to start a positive conversation–as opposed to “Gee Dustbuster, why can’t I change my fan belt? I followed the instructions in the manual.”

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