Sinned? There’s an app for that!

Sinners, rejoice. You can now confess . . . to your phone.

Remember when Pope Benedict XVI’s said that priests should embrace digital communication? He meant it! The Catholic Church in the U.S. has even sanctioned the app, and says it gives the faithful a “personalized examination of conscience for each user.” But if you actually need to be absolved of your sins (and I ask you, who doesn’t), you need a priest for that. Sit tight, though, in the future we’ll be able to say, “Need a priest? There’s an app for that.”

Shortly after I hit the Publish button on this post, an update to the Confession app story hit the news. “The app we created is supposed to be used in the actual confessional,” said Patrick Leinen, co-founder of Little iApps, who created the Confession app. “This is an aid to confession and in no way, shape or form a replacement.”

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