Blogged Down

You may have noticed that I have been very silent this year. Sure, I write in every now and then about something I love in the marketing/social media world, but in general, I am a blogger these days of few words.

It is not intentional.

I am too bogged down to blog. We are all busy people. Literally; I don’t know a single person who is not busy. I marvel at people who manage their time well. I have friends who have a a day full of meetings, then find time to work out, get their nails done, then have dinner with friends—all in the same day. They look refreshed when you see them and shrug off their busy schedule. “What else would I do with my time?” These people say when you ask one of them how they manage it all.

Me? I am the kind of person who is all work, and spare time is something that happens to other people. Foreigners. I want you to say that word with a very deep southern accent. Foreigners. Nothing against actual foreigners, I just wanted to stress the strangeness of spare time to me these days.

Which brings me to my lack of blogging. A blog on marketing, for a marketer, falls somewhere between something you do in your spare time and actual work. Either way, this blog has been low on my list of priorities.

So there you have it, I’m too bogged down to blog. As I look at my calendar and see the next six to eight weeks stretch out in front of me in a sea of giant red letter Xs marked through each day, followed by long arrows and different cities names etched above it, I realized, I should check in on my blog and say something. I should say, “I’m here. I’m still the same hard-working marketer I always was, I’m just too busy to comment on Charlie Sheen’s derailed brand, or the new uber iPad, or the fact that Facebook did away with FBML and gave us iFrames.”

If you are going to do something, go full throttle with it. Doing something half-ass is for pansies, for people who don’t care. With that belief, I am going to send my blog on a cyber sabbatical. When the dust settles around my travel and work schedule sometimes in May or June, I’m going to brush off the log-in page on WordPress to Audacious Ink and check in. I hope I have something delicious and acerbic to say about the world of marketing. I hope I can give you some brilliant advice. And oh God, please let Charlie Sheen be in the news still. Please let him and Lindsey Lohan hook up so that not only celeb watchers can have fun, but marketing people can have an excuse to talk about crisis management and your brand.

And if, by chance, one night in the upcoming weeks, I find myself sitting in the dark, either in my office or a hotel room, with just the glow of the laptop hitting my face and a blank screen staring me down, I’ll check in. Some where, some brand will surely have screwed up, or done something amazing. Facebook will have made changes, or maybe it will be Twitter. There is always news in the world of marketing, and personally, I’d love the spare time to cover it.

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