I Ate a Good Meal.

Apologies for the boring title, but I ate a good meal last night and my world brightened. Maybe it was the restaurant: we ate at Nora’s on Flamingo, which as most locals on the West Side can tell you, is one of the best Italian restaurants in Vegas—if you are looking for good food, good atmosphere and a relatively affordable bill. It’s more old-world Italian with shades of pinky ringed men sitting in the corner instead of new Vegas, where young ladies in strapless mini-dresses sip vodka drinks infused with pomegranate, because you know, it’s healthy and all.

Or maybe it was the combination of two glasses of brunello along with the greatest little appetizer Italy ever gave the world, arancini.

Ultimately, maybe it was just that after a rough week with barely a moment to myself, I simply needed something to let a little levity and light and all it took was a damn good meal.

I don’t get in funks often, and this one lasted a week. If I dug deep, there would be a lesson here about finding balance in the face of a heavy schedule, and understanding that you have to keep everything in perspective.

This morning, though, I don’t feel like getting inspirational and finding lessons in life’s simple gifts. I just want to thank Nora’s for their Castiglion del Bosco’s Brunello di Montalcino and those perfect little arancini balls sitting on top of fat basil leaves, and for the velvety marina sauce dressing it. I should also give kudos to the eggplant parmesan that followed, that was thinly perfect and tasted like the winner of an Italian Grandma’s cooking contest.

Funk-be-gone. I’m recharged, refreshed, and most of all, very grateful that I couldn’t finish my meal and have leftovers to look forward to for lunch.

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