My Week with Bruce Part 3

Crowd Surfing With Ghosts


There were many highlights from the show. The sad thing is that most are locked away in my memory and there are no photos or video to share. We had our iPhone, but there comes a point in a concert when you can either record what you are seeing–knowing it won’t adequately capture what you are witnessing–or you can be in the  present and watch, and promise yourself you will not forget one second of the show.

One highlight that I think everyone in Anaheim would agree on is when Bruce sang “My City of Ruins.” The song was, as Springsteen said, “From our Ghosts to your ghosts.”

“Are we missing anybody tonight?” He asked. And we roared, yes, yes we are. We are missing Danny Federici, and Clarence Clemons in the band, and we are missing people dear to our own lives.

“Are we missing anybody tonight?” He asked again, this time a little more pointedly. Again, we roared “yes.” A Springsteen show is very interactive. The Boss likes to talk, and he wants to know we are listening.

Springsteen doesn’t get enough credit for this: he’s very theatrical. I mean this in the best way. He understands that when you stand on a stage, backed by powerful music and a powerful message, that timing, phrasing, a look, a gesture, become all the more important. “My City of Ruins,” has become a centerpiece in the show on this tour, starting at the Apollo Theater back in March when he first introduced. I listened live on Sirius Radio, and when I heard him do it the first time, it struck me with a thunder that moved me to tears. Here, all these months later, he’s tweaked the words, tweaked how and what he says, but the message is still the same and still as powerful. We all have ghosts; we share that.

To write about this moment would leave someone thinking this concert was sad and heavy, though. Springsteen’s shows weave through a gamut of emotions, from angry to sad, and to joyous. And speaking of joyous, here’s a video my husband took at the show of Bruce crowd surfing over our head. We had to have some record of this remarkable night.



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