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The Tree of Life and Social Media

We just got back from Couture and JCK, which are two shows where everyone in the jewelry industry descends upon that diamond in the desert called Las Vegas for a week long mega trade show extravaganza. It’s an exhilarating experience for the mind, and a bitch-slap to the feet. My liver is not too fond of me right now, either, but those are stories not fit for a blog. Well, not this kind of blog.

I spoke on a panel at Couture on Saturday morning with Megan Meinerding from Fructman Marketing, Ron Samuelson, and Daniel Gordon. The topic was social media and it was great to see everyone in the audience a) awake at 7:30 am because that is more than I can say for me, and b) so interested in social media and taking things to the next step. Someone asked a question of the panel that others asked of me throughout the show: What is the connection between social media websites and a company website? How do the two connect and what purpose does each serve?

Ahhh. I love a question that lets me pontificate. The short answer is that social media sites, like Facebook pages or Twitter, even your blog, are hubs for your website. They should drive traffic to each other, and all should drive traffic back to your website. You can do this via tweets with a link back to your site, or a Facebook update that links back, and of course, in your profile section you can add links to your website. Additionally, put buttons on your website and blog that invites people to follow you on Twitter and join your Facebook page.

Here’s an easy visual to think of how your pages work. Did you see “Avatar”? Yep, I thought so. Remember the Tree of Life? Your online network is just like that. The trunk on the Tree of Life is your website, and the bright shiny things hanging off of it are your social networks. They are truly one at some level, and all connected. Feel free to call James Cameron at this point, or paint yourself blue, but when I was sitting there with my 3D glasses on watching Avatar and I saw the Tree of Life, honestly, I didn’t have some deep spiritual moment. I had a social media epiphany.

Your social media websites are where you give people a sampling of your brand. They works best as a tool for attracting visitors and getting brand recognition. You can post videos and photos, and use status updates to share stories and news. These sites are a great platform to highlight your current events and triumphs. Your website is where the conversion takes place, where strangers become interested in your brand, or fans, and your website is where those people become clients. Also, consider this: you own your website. You never really own your Facebook page–Facebook does. As great as social media is, the profiles have their limits. You can convey only so much information in the fields provided, though you can use the news-stream to disseminate further info.

Social media is not so much a tool for selling as it is for attracting, and building an online community that extends beyond your zip code. Social Media is built on Social Proof—meaning, consumers are more likely to buy a product if others advocate that product, especially if they are their friends. I’ll get more into social proof in the next blog, and talk about how that relates to your website, as well, and how it affects your bottom line.

See, I told you I loved to pontificate. So much so that it takes two blogs.