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Super Bowl Round Up

Well, obviously, judging by my past two posts, I liked Bruce Springsteen’s performance. I only got one song out of the three I predicted he’d play correct. In fact, he played four. But that is what is so great about Bruce, and again, it’s what makes him a great marketeer. All along we’ve heard he’d play 3 songs. He under-promised and over-delivered. He gave the old-time fans something they would love (“Tenth Avenue Freeze-out”), he promoted the new album (“Working on a Dream,” and he hauled out a gospel choir so he put a new twist on it—and it is still a new song), then he gave us what we expect from him (“Born to Run”) and finally, he took an old classic and updated it. “Glory Days” is a baseball song, but it’s his only sports song. He updated it by changing the lyrics to football references.

What can we learn from all this? We already know. Under-promise and over-deliver. Keep your classics fresh. Give them what they want, but don’t forget to promote the new stuff.

It’s simple. It’s marketing 101, but it is done on a grand, rock-n-roll scale.

Oh, and the ads have been fun to watch, too, but seriously, just watching a Bruce show, it is hard for this fan to get excited about the ads at this point, or even the game.

However, when the excitement wears off, I do want to comment on the 3D ads that showed right before Bruce. Odd, gutsy move . . .