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Mashable’s Best-of 2010

If you missed this in Mashable, here are 290 Social Media Resources to catch up on. As a little belated Christmas gift, here are my top 4 favorite resources that I embraced in 2010, and why I can’t live without them.

1. Hootsuite. I’ve written about it enough that this is probably no surprise. Simply put, I could not do my job effectively without Hootsuite. I manage all my clients accounts, especially their Twitter accounts, through Hootsuite. I can schedule Facebook updates in advance, which is essential for when I’m traveling. It is also the best game in town for Twitter analytics. If you have not started using Hootsuite yet, do!

2. Tumblr. Yeah, it sounds crazy that someone with a WordPress blog would advocate Tumblr, but I have a personal blog over there, too. For me, experiencing Tumblr is a little like suddenly walking into a brainstorming session with a bunch of creative, out-there, free-thinking renegades. It’s where, among others, the artists seem to be hanging out online. I frequently get different perspectives and inspiration from people who I would never otherwise be exposed to in a place like, say, Linked In. With all due respect to Linked In, which is a great place to go to share more conventional business advice and best practices.

3. Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon can be tedious, but it’s one of those sites where the more you use it, and the more it gets to “know” your preferences, the more interesting articles and sites you are exposed to. It’s another great place for creative inspiration, or to simply learn something new.

4. Delicious. I can’t survive without my online bookmarking site. I can accesss it anywhere, on my computer or phone, or someone else’s computer and instantly get linked to an article I read six months ago that I suddenly have to re-read. I use it as my online library and research center and it goes where I go.

Sites I love

Not long ago, my dear cousin Linda sent me her mama’s recipe for gumbo. It’s a family recipe I grew up eating, and the only person who made better gumbo than my aunt Sissy (Linda’s mama) was my grandma, and that recipe is in heaven, where she and Sissy are now duel chefs at the Cajun restaurant for angels, saints and the like.

I was so happy to get the recipe that I wanted to save it in a place where I could share it for all to see. I could have put it on one of my social networking sites, but it would then be limited to just my connections. I wanted to be able to easily share it with anyone who might be in need of a traditional, good-old gumbo. My solution?

justpaste. it. No, that’s not a typo, and no, I’m not saying I dug up an old bottle of glue from a kitchen drawer. ” justpaste. it” is one of those amazing free sites, like Bit.ly, the URL shrinker. I can’t believe that these free tools exist for us all to use. When I’m depressed and fearing global catastrophic failure, I just think of these sites and, well, okay, I don’t feel better, but I do feel a small tingle of excitement, because I can’t believe sites like this exist!

The thing I love about justpaste.it is I can then bookmark the URL in Delicious, another “I can’t believe it exists” site that I can’t live without.

Oh, and in case you want Sissy’s recipe, here it is.

It’s Simply Delicious

I am a big fan of Delicious. I have it on my bookmark bar, and every time I read a marketing article of any sort, whether it’s advertising related, PR, social media, branding—whatever—if I think it’s a keeper, I hit my Delicious icon, then tag it and, voila! It’s bookmarked for easy access from any computer once I log in. Not only is it handy for me to refer back to these articles if I’m on the road, but I can refer other people to my bookmarks.

If you are attending The Smart Show this weekend, we’ll be talking a lot about social media. Please check out My Delicious, and you can then include those helpful articles listed their to your own social media library.