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Let the Top Ten Begin!

Sing it with me, loud and proud: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . ” no, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about the time of the year that media junkies and culture geeks love. Make that, as Woody Allen would say, Lurve. It’s Top Ten time, people. Attention must be paid.

Yahoo kicked things off today with their Top Ten Searches of 2010. The BP Oil Spill rightfully is in the #1 spot. The World Cup is in #2. Okay I get it, the world loves soccer. But then, the list takes a turn for the strange. Miley Cyrus is number 3, followed by a bevy of mostly bland celebs like Kim Kardashian–though I do get Lady Gaga being there. Anyone who wears meat to a celebratory red carpet event deserves a Yahoo search.

Other than the BP Oil Spill and the iPhone, which made their list, I would have guessed it would look like this:
1. BP Oil Spill.
2. The Saints win the Superbowl (with all due respect to the World Cup). This does not need further explanation. If you do not understand it, please move to Uruguay.
3. Bruce Springsteen puts out “The Promise,” a stunning archival collection of songs he wrote and produced for the “Darkness on the Edge of Town” sessions, proving, conclusively, he is The Boss. Yeah, okay, this is how the list would have looked if I ruled the world, not how I really expected it to be.
5. The iPad. I mean really? It didn’t make the list? I’ve gotten simultaneously ragged on and slobbered over for buying it the first week it came out. It seems that with all the alternative versions of it and subsequent models, and all the talk of it, it would have made the list. Instead, we get Kim Kardashian, who, wait . . . what does she do? Reality Star? Haven’t we learned yet that reality stars are the trailer park sluts of TV?
6. iPhone/Android/All the other smart phones. See above
7. Sarah Palin. Not that I’m a fan, but Christ, for all the talking we all did about her, you’d think her and her show and her dancing daughter would have made the list. Maybe this is a sign of what her critics say, “Why are we still talking about her?” I don’t know. Why am I even talking about her. She is a reality star, now, after all, and, well, see #6 for my comment on them above.
8. Facebook/Twitter. It’s all anyone ever talks about. The social networking terms have invaded our language. I spend all my time on these sites. Maybe Facebook and Twitter don’t need to be in searches because everyone is already on the sites.
9. People who do Internet searches on the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian, etc. Who are these people? Should we keep our eye on them?
10. Funny dog/cat videos. I mean, come on. Every time I open up my email or log onto Facebook, someone has posted a video of a funny dog or cat. I’m even guilty of it. It happens with such a stunningly high occurrence that surely people are doing searches for the next funny fluffy video that makes you wanna go awww.

Hearts On Fire Redefines the Consumer Bridal Experience with iPad Technology

A while back, I wrote about one of my clients, Hearts On Fire, and their great contest, The Perfect Moment. I love, love, love it when brands really think beyond the product and consider the experience they are giving their customers—and call me biased, but Hearts On Fire excels at this. As I mainly focus on the social media aspect of their business, I was excited when they told me that that are now utilizing one of my favorite addictions, the iPad. I’m not usually such an Apple geek, but I actually bought my iPad the first week it came out: I could not wait to get my hands on their eReader. While that’s the main reason why I use it, I have noticed that the apps are also great, and my credit card bill seems to be rising a little higher each month because I’m always downloading something new.

Hearts On Fire continues to surprise and thrill those of us who are fans of the brand by elevating the experience at retail: they are arming their retail partners with iPads to use at point of sale. Seriously, I’m thinking of getting a job with one of their retailers just because I love this concept so much. Yes, I’m that much of a geek. Don’t judge. Anyway, by using the iPad, Hearts On Fire is digitally extending the retailers’ case for consumers because they are providing a window into the entire Hearts On Fire diamond and jewelry inventory—with the touch of an iPad screen.

The web application allows sales professionals to work with customers more efficiently by simplifying the search for diamonds and jewelry. Retailers can search Hearts On Fire Diamond Engagement Rings based on their customers’ preference for retail price, center diamond, and mounting design. Hearts On Fire is also offering the retailers training for the sales presentation, which is a great way to not only teach them how to use the tool, but to ensure that the brand message carries through. It’s so well thought out that once again I have to ask, why didn’t I come up with this idea? Instead, I just tweet about failed marriage proposals that I think are funny or find excuses to somehow incorporate my Boston Terrier into their Facebook updates–hey, that takes a lot of creativity to tie a dog into a luxury diamond brand. Again, don’t judge.

“We had an online tool for our retailers in development, but when the iPad was released in April, we realized it provided the ideal platform for this digital content. Not only will it help showcase the breadth of the Hearts On Fire product line, but it will make the retailer’s presentation and the consumer’s experience the best it can be”, says Ed LaPlante, VP of Information Technology at Hearts On Fire. “Plus, we knew Audacious Ink would go nuts and write about it.” Okay, I’m kidding. He didn’t say that last line.

Hearts On Fire will unveil the iPad tool at the Couture Show in Las Vegas and will begin deploying globally into their retail partners stores by July.