It’s a bit bold for me to refer to my blog as “Audacious Ink.” You might even say it is an audacious claim. It’s a title that can be easily misunderstood. Am I referring to my writing as “audacious?” Well, I strive to be audacious, but it’s a hard goal to achieve.

I love audacious writing and writers, though. I love the kind of writing that sends a surge of green envy in my belly while at the same time makes little goosebumps pop up all over my arms. I want to be that kind of writer. I always have and I always will. Until I reach that day, I’m going to seek out the Audacious among us.

I won’t limit my search to just writing. This started out as a blog for people who love writing–all kinds of writing, whether it’s in a book, a song, an ad, even a tiny tweet. Audacious Ink celebrated words and the audacious things they create when strung together. In that same vein, Audacious Ink also celebrated great marketing, the kind that combines unzipped creativity with smart strategy. I’m both a writer and a marketer, and I’d argue that you cannot be a good marketer without being a writer. The two are my passions in life, along with music, which I have no talent for. None. Whatsoever.

Over time, Audacious Ink has come to celebrate life surrounding art. An art-fueled life is a life well-lived. And fortunately for this blog, there is much to celebrate, beyond words even. Paintings, photography, movies, plays, music, wine, great food, even a tiny yet perfect tweet, and the ultimate art form, the art of a great moment.

If I’m inspired, If I’m awed, if I am moved by something that seems to me, at least, audacious, you’ll probably read about it on these pages.

What audacious things in life do you love?

3 responses to “About

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Bernadette Bowman

    Hi, Donna –

    PLEASE tell your S.O. Greg that his supplemental materials on the “thirtysomething” S1 DVD ROCKED my world.

    I, too, am a DVD producer and for the past 8 years tried and tried (while working at several production companies) to get this wonderful show out on DVD and I am thrilled (and extremely envious!) that Greg and $hout Factory figured out a way to licen$e that damned mu$ic so that the $how could be $hown the only way it $HOULD be.

    Tell Greg that if he needs any help on the future volumes that I am willing to empty trash cans and wear really bad hair accessories to get the gig.

    Excellent job – congrats to Greg on the passion and care that went into this project. Thanks for passing on this message!


    Bernadette Bowman

  3. Hi Bernadette,
    I forwarded your message to Greg—thanks for your kind words, I know he’s very appreciative! Especially with your willingness to wear bad hair accessories!

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